I am Russell P. From, proprietor, winemaker, and waste water specialist at Herman Story Wines.

Herman Story Wines are made, schlepped, peddled, and drunk with friends by me. The basic web design books tell me that you're probably here for the basics: to find release schedules, ordering information and tasting opportunities for the wines I make, which sounds pretty good to me. The less time I spend writing this stuff the more time I spend in the cellar. So here you go, all the facts with none of the filler. An aesthetic I stand by and believe my wines do too.

I release my wines twice a year, in Spring and Fall. The wines listed below were set loose right around mid-September in 2018. Our wine club is currently full. However, if you want to get in on the action and try some of my stuff, you can scroll down and join the MAILING LIST, or come visit me at my Tasting Room in Downtown Paso Robles at

1227 Paso Robles Street, Paso Robles, CA 93446.

It's open Thursday - Monday from 11AM - 5PM and I would love to see your shining face there.

Earnestly yours,
Russell P. From



  • Varietal: Grenache

  • Appellation: California

  • Aging: 30% New French Oak, 48 months in barrel

  • 626 cases made

TASTING NOTES: It’s time to head up to the cabin by the lake and take in the natural setting. Walking through the nearby forest, you can smell soil recently struck by lightning. The setting is elegant but rustic, with burnt marshmallows and coffee roasting over the granite fire pit. Later, there will be wild blueberry pie straight out of the oven and a nip or two out of Grandpa’s absinthe stash. You playfully dance with the stuffed and mounted grizzly bear in the corner, the one that came looking for a fight all those years ago but now stands ready with a furry embrace. Go ahead and enjoy. After all, what happens at the cabin stays at the cabin. (DRINK NOW: 30 Minute Decant CELLAR: 4-6 years)


  • Varietal: 37% Syrah, 28% Grenache, 25% Mourvédre, 10% Tannat

  • Appellation: California

  • Aging: 55% new French oak, 24 months in barrel, 25% whole cluster

  • 458 cases made

TASTING NOTES: Saturday night at Craft is the place to be. Valet the Excalibur and drop yourself into one of the luxurious leather booths. Cigar smoke lingers in the air as the aroma of exquisitely prepared cuts come from the kitchen. The dinner captain carves you a generous portion of peppercorn-crusted prime rib right at your table as you take in the rich earthy colors and textures of the dining room from another era. Lazaretto cherries come to mind as the wine marries well with the meat. (DRINK NOW: 45 min decant CELLAR: Now through 6-8 years)


  • Varietals: 62% Cabernet Sauvignon, 23% Petit Verdot, 15% Syrah

  • Appellation: California

  • Aging: 70% new French oak, 24 months in barrel

  • 650 cases made

TASTING NOTES: If wines were like fashion, this would be prete a porter. It’s that perfect little black dress that transitions seamlessly from an afternoon sipping on cinnamon hibiscus highballs in the Upper East Side to an evening dancing in SoHo. The next morning, you hop into a finely upholstered Uber XL, sipping cardamom tea as you head out of the city for weekend adventure featuring a stay at the little country inn that serves an unforgettable Apricot-Glazed Pork Shoulder. Because that’s just how you roll. (DRINK NOW: 2 hour decant, CELLAR: Now through 7-8 years)


  • Varietal: 100% Petite Sirah

  • Appellation: Paso Robles Highlands

  • Vineyards: French Camp, Shell Creek

  • Aging: 75% New French Oak for 18 months

  • 285 cases made

TASTING NOTES: Man, it’s nice up here. Everything you’ve heard about Emirates First Class is true. You’re greeted with a brandied cherry cordial and cinnamon sundae with 100 year old balsamic glaze, your suite is scented with a perfect vapor of juniper ridge spruce, petrichor and soft pipe tobacco. The flight attendant brings you a dish of steak tartare and grilled toast points. In a minute security will certainly be escorting you back to 46B, but before they taze you, enjoy the Turkish coffee and the 1,000 thread count sheets.  (DRINK NOW: Over an evening, CELLAR: Now through 10 years)


  • Varietals: 100% Grenache

  • Appellation: Santa Maria Valley

  • Vineyard: Bien Nacido

  • Aging: 70% New French Oak for 30 months

  • 316 cases made

TASTING NOTES: This is the wine that Wes Anderson was drinking when he made The Darjeeling Limited. As big as India itself, rolling on train tracks through miles of Jasmine and Hyacinth, often in the dark of night, with wild children going from cabin to cabin selling armfuls of fresh berries for a pittance. In the dining car they’re serving a tandoori tomahawk ribeye paired with spiced drinking chocolate. Within the richness of midnight, the destination is practically rendered insignificant by the journey itself.  (DRINK NOW: 1 hour decant, CELLAR: Now through 6-8 years)


  • Varietals: 100% Syrah

  • Appellation: Santa Maria Valley

  • Vineyard: Bien Nacido

  • Aging: 100% New French Oak for 30 months

  • 285 cases made

TASTING NOTES: Like watching Gronkowski dance a Merengue at a white tie affair, all that power put to a very delicate purpose. It’s hard to pull your eyes from the spectacle, but this Szechuan crusted filet mignon and ginseng infused pastis are giving it a run for its money. Dessert is Swedish buckwheat pancakes topped with fresh strawberries and clove dust. As the music reaches its crescendo the demolition team brings down the courthouse across the street and everyone is on their feet.  (DRINK NOW: 1 hour decant, CELLAR: Until you can't take it anymore)


2014 426 DAYS

  • Varietal: Rosé of Grenache

  • Appellation: California

  • Vineyards: Chelle Mountain, Bien Nacido, Murmur, Slide Hill

  • Aging: 6 months in Neutral French Oak

  • 200 cases made

TASTING NOTES: You come-to in the backseat of a Land Cruiser that has what must be a $20,000 steering wheel. The two guys get back from the gas station, “Hey, hey, look who’s up!” the passenger says as he hands you a bag containing cherry Minute Maid ice pops, some raspberry sorbet, red macarons, a pack of clove cigarettes and Swedish Fish. Wait a second… You recognize him, it’s Snoop Dogg. “I’m Calvin” he says, “you’re lucky we found you! Here” he hands you a cherry blunt as he inexplicably plays Roger Miller on a stereo branded with his name. (DRINK NOW: YOU DRINK THIS NOW)


Unfortunately, I only have enough wine to accommodate sales to my current Wine Club Members and the savvy folks who swing by my tasting room. Our wine club is currently closed to new members. In the meantime, consider joining my Mailing List, or come visit me at the tasting room conveniently located next to Dan's Tire in Downtown Paso Robles at 1227 Paso Robles Street, Paso Robles, CA 93446. The tasting room is open Thursday – Monday from 11AM – 5PM. You can also call me at 805.237.2400 to check further availability.

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My winery and tasting room is located at: 1227 Paso Robles St, Paso Robles, CA 93446 Open from 11-5 Thursday-Monday, or by appointment.

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If you're passing through at another time, give me a call at the tasting room and I'll do my best to free up some time to taste with you.

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