I am Russell P. From, proprietor, winemaker, and waste water specialist at Herman Story Wines.

Herman Story Wines are made, schlepped, peddled, and drunk with friends by me. The basic web design books tell me that you're probably here for the basics: to find release schedules, ordering information and tasting opportunities for the wines I make, which sounds pretty good to me. The less time I spend writing this stuff the more time I spend in the cellar. So here you go, all the facts with none of the filler. An aesthetic I stand by and believe my wines do too.

I release my wines twice a year, in Spring and Fall. The wines listed below were set loose right around mid-September in 2018. Our wine club is currently full. However, if you want to get in on the action and try some of my stuff, you can scroll down and join the MAILING LIST, or come visit me at my Tasting Room in Downtown Paso Robles at

1227 Paso Robles Street, Paso Robles, CA 93446.

It's open Thursday - Monday from 11AM - 5PM and I would love to see your shining face there.

Earnestly yours,
Russell P. From



  • Varietal: Viognier

  • Appellation: Santa Barbara County

  • Aging: 100% new French Oak for 12 months

  • 296 cases made

TASTING NOTES: It’s not like you were looking to go skydiving, but one look at her and the only answer was “yes”. Now she’s got you feeling like you’re in freefall, makin your day to day routine seems a little duller now. You want to feel the mist of the clouds on your face again as your heart races and you lips curl. Lemongrass, orange zest and apricot soaked brandy gets you planning your next encounter. Cliff camping, perhaps? And if you play your cards right, you may get her name this time.


  • Varietal: Grenache

  • Appellation: California

  • Aging: 70% new French Oak for 30 months

  • 446 cases made

TASTING NOTES: Imagine what a meal at Grizzly Adams’ cabin would have been like; Roast Elk with Sage Grouse stew, wild cherries jubilee and a pot of chicory coffee hanging over the fireplace. The smell of pine walls, freshly-tanned pelts, charred firewood and the sweet aroma of wildflower. The glory of the Sierra Nevada and the tales of life in the wild complete the sensory picture. Then you wake up and realize you’ve been napping with the History Channel on in the background. Look on the bright side, we’ve come pretty close to putting all that in a bottle. (DRINK NOW: 45 minute decant CELLAR: Now through 6-8 years)


  • Varietal: Petite Sirah

  • Appellation: Paso Robles Highlands

  • Aging: 80% New French Oak for 18 months

  • 273 cases made

TASTING NOTES: This isn’t just any rinky-dink poker night, it’s the hottest game in town. The blinds are as big as the balls being broke, and if you aren’t going big, you should probably go home. You take your seat and your chips and brace yourself. The flop is huge with brambles and black pepper. Violet and orange muscat on the turn has you feeling strong. You catch a blend of nectar and honey on the river, which sweetens the pot. You can spot the tell across the table, so you make the call. And you go home a legend. (DRINK NOW: decant over several hours, CELLAR: Now through 10+ years)


  • Varietal: Syrah

  • Appellation: Santa Maria Valley

  • Aging: 90% New French Oak for 30 months

  • 312 cases made

TASTING NOTES: This Baby Huey of soft intentions and big results tastes like its been spoon fed beef bouillon well into maturity. Strawberries macerated with five spice and saffron as well as a hint of Da Hong Pao Oolong. Generous to a fault in flavor, it packs a velvety punch like a manatee in a china shop. We don’t typically say this, but please enjoy responsibly. Aw, who are we kidding? Drink up, get naked and go skinny dipping with a manatee! (DRINK NOW: 1 hour decant, CELLAR: until you can’t take it anymore)


  • Varietals: 34% Tempranillo, 25% Cabernet Sauvignon, 21% Syrah, 14% Petit Verdot, 6% Grenache

  • Appellation: Paso Robles

  • Aging: 77% New French Oak for 18 months

  • 793 cases made

TASTING NOTES: As you journey El Camino de Santiago de Compostela through the spectacular Galician countryside, you take respite in a quaint hamlet whose inhabitants welcome you with warm smiles and amazing refreshment. Beef Cecina dipped in olive oil, hearty bean stew and acorn-fed Jamón. A voluptuous local woman offers you the wine from the vineyard on the hillside. As you taste the paprika-spiced oak, you wonder if you could end the journey here, lost in the eyes of this dark-haired beauty. Instead, it is a cup of Cafe con Queimada and a few hours of daylight to go. The journey continues, regardless of the destination.  (DRINK NOW: 30 minute decant, CELLAR: Now through 7-8 years)


  • Varietal: Syrah

  • Appellation: California

  • Aging: 83% New French Oak for 18 months

  • 982 cases made

TASTING NOTES: You’ve finally done it and curated the man cave of your dreams. The hand-carved cherry wood bar is fully stocked with everything from espresso tequila to berry-infused absinthe to Jolt Cola. The 1915 Brunswick pool table compliments the Elle Bleu Gargoyle humidor with names like Behike, Opus X and Black Dragon. The hint of gun-metal oil permeates the air from the well-kept Glock 17 kept on display, and the built-in Excelsior houses the 88” that just so happens to be tuned to a Jai Alai match. There’s mesquite grilled Chateaubriand at the carving station and Tito Puente on the jukebox. Most of all, there is a level of comfort and intimacy that you swirl around your glass before drinking it all in.  (DRINK NOW: 1 hour decant, CELLAR: Now through 7 years)



  • Varietal: Grenache

  • Appellation: California

  • Aging: Neutral barrel fermented and aged for 6 months

  • 169 cases made

TASTING NOTES: Remember that watering hole in town that had been there for decades? Mainly kept to itself, with the same regulars day in and day out. Though they’d lock the doors when drinking hours were over like anywhere else, if you were there when they did, you were privy to an exclusive witching hour social club, one of a fortunate few to stumble home in the light of the auspicious dawn. An immediate pungency of fruit and the earthiness of the soil it grows from. Raspberry jam on artisan granite slab toast. This ain’t no ‘rose all day’ kind of affair. Save this one when the light goes out, turn up the Miles Davis playlist, and see where the evening takes you…(DRINK NOW: did you hear me? now. CELLAR: Let’s not kid ourselves here, you don’t have the patience to cellar this)


  • Varietal: Pinot Noir

  • Appellation: Santa Maria Valley

  • Aging: 75% new French Oak for 24 months

  • 288 cases made

TASTING NOTES: Talk about getting your world rocked. This Santa Maria monster of a Pinot shoots first so fast you can taste the gun metal and smoke. It’s almost more than a mouthful of lead, with black and blueberries galore. It’s a mushroom cloud of, well, mushrooms. On the precipice of being too much, before pulling back just short of sheer madness. If you ever find yourself between a rock and a hard place, you couldn’t do better than this. Go ahead and get smashed! (DRINK NOW: did you hear me? now. CELLAR: Let’s not kid ourselves here, you don’t have the patience to cellar this)


Unfortunately, I only have enough wine to accommodate sales to my current Wine Club Members and the savvy folks who swing by my tasting room. Our wine club is currently closed to new members. In the meantime, consider joining my Mailing List, or come visit me at the tasting room conveniently located next to Dan's Tire in Downtown Paso Robles at 1227 Paso Robles Street, Paso Robles, CA 93446. The tasting room is open Thursday – Monday from 11AM – 5PM. You can also call me at 805.237.2400 to check further availability.

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My winery and tasting room is located at: 1227 Paso Robles St, Paso Robles, CA 93446 Open from 11-5 Thursday-Monday, or by appointment.

Phone: (805) 237-2400 Email: thirsty@hermanstorywines.com Mailing: P.O. Box 5058, Paso Robles, CA 93447

If you're passing through at another time, give me a call at the tasting room and I'll do my best to free up some time to taste with you.

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