I am Russell P. From, proprietor, winemaker, and waste water specialist at Herman Story Wines.

Herman Story Wines are made, schlepped, peddled, and drunk with friends by me. The basic web design books tell me that you're probably here for the basics: to find release schedules, ordering information and tasting opportunities for the wines I make, which sounds pretty good to me. The less time I spend writing this stuff the more time I spend in the cellar. So here you go, all the facts with none of the filler. An aesthetic I stand by and believe my wines do too.

I release my wines twice a year, in Spring and Fall. The wines listed below were set loose right around mid-September in 2018. Our wine club is currently full. However, if you want to get in on the action and try some of my stuff, you can scroll down and join the MAILING LIST, or come visit me at my Tasting Room in Downtown Paso Robles at

1227 Paso Robles Street, Paso Robles, CA 93446.

It's open Thursday - Monday from 11AM - 5PM and I would love to see your shining face there.

Earnestly yours,
Russell P. From



  • Varietal: Grenache

  • Appellation: California

  • Aging: 40% new French Oak for 48 months

  • 620 cases made

TASTING NOTES: A day at the lake left you sun-soaked and sleepy. Dirt and wood chips stick to your feet and probably your hair, but somewhere hidden in these pines, a fire’s waiting. When you sat on the rocks with Robbie Vanderberg, after his shift at the produce market, while his friends pushed each other off the dock, did he mean to touch your hand? His sticky blackberry-stained fingers, the breeze off the water, now it’s all fading away between a flickering bonfire, carefree chatter, and a flask you’ve been passed, sweet bourbon. Curled in a camping chair, you wonder what he would do if you made a move. There’s only one way to find out. DRINK NOW: 30 minute decant CELLAR: Now through 4-6 Years


  • Varietals: 40% Syrah, 35% Mourvèdre,
    19% Grenache, 4% Carignan, 2% Tannat

  • Appellation: California

  • Aging: 70% new French Oak for 24 months

  • 612 cases made

TASTING NOTES: You never thought you’d get this far, but the wood-paneled bar with neon-lit signs has dissolved into your apartment balcony, where she’s hungry and waiting. Frying up a grilled cheese in the kitchen you realize you’re not kids anymore, so you’re trying to channel your inner Thomas Keller, chopping fresh rosemary and sage, sizzling bacon, spreading pepper jelly. She hand-rolls a cigarette as you split the sandwich. Miles away, thunder rolls. The air turns earthy and sweet. Let it fill the space between you until the rain begins. DRINK NOW: Decant for 45 minutes CELLAR: Now through 6-8 Years


  • Varietals: 48% Cabernet Sauvignon, 27% Petit Verdot, 25% Syrah

  • Appellation: California

  • Aging: 75% New French Oak for 24 months

  • 717 cases made

TASTING NOTES: TASTING NOTES: You know him only by his ring name, Rage, but he just took home the bare-knuckle brawling belt in a vicious onslaught of left jabs and right hooks. Still bleeding from his eye, he exits the makeshift parking lot ring, flips off the crowd, and hops in his black-on-black Silverado. On the way home, he picks up his lavender-shampooed Bichon Frise from the groomer, a dozen roses for his wife, and the poet laureate’s newest chapbook. He’s got a bookshelf next to his barbells and a spice garden not far from his speed bag, where he eats plums and sips kopi luwak coffee. You might think that makes him soft, but you wouldn’t dare say it to his face. DRINK NOW: 2+ hours CELLAR: Now through 6-10 years


  • Varietals: 55% Syrah, 45% Grenache

  • Appellation: Ballard Canyon

  • Aging: 80% New French Oak for 24 months

  • 252 cases made

TASTING NOTES: You’re required to wear at least a Speedo at the Polar Bear Plunge, but screw the rules because when you do something, you do it 100%. Before the volunteer workers can say a thing you’re off, bounding bare legs in the water. Next thing you remember is a tattoo-sleeved, swim-capped army vet helping you to the lodge, grunting the whole way. He points you to the down blankets, marzipan cake and blackberry tea, a crackling fire. Without a word, he’s back out for round two, backstroking in the frigid water. You might be naked, but that guy came to play. DRINK NOW: 1 hour decant CELLAR: Now through 8+ years


  • Varietal: Syrah

  • Appellation: Santa Barbara County

  • Aging: 100% New French Oak for 24 months

  • 281 cases made

TASTING NOTES: There’s a double feature at the Moonlight Drive-In, and you’ve got blankets in your truck and a fifth of Jack in the center console. Plumes of Maduro smoke waft up to the screen as Keanu Reeves’ bus hurtles down the freeway. The girls are at the concession stand, grabbing chocolate covered raisins and over-buttered popcorn while the boys take nips from the bottle and listen to your static-clouded radio. There aren’t many nights, humid and buggy, you’d be bold enough to steal from the liquor cabinet and break curfew. But tonight, you’re pretty sure you could take the wheel from Keanu, and you’re pretty sure he’d let you. DRINK NOW: 30 minute decant CELLAR: Now through 10+ years


  • Varietals: 80% Syrah, 20% Grenache

  • Appellation: Paso Robles York Mountain

  • Aging: 100% New French Oak for 24 months

  • 326 cases made

TASTING NOTES: As expected, thanksgiving this year was a shit show. Uncle John got drunk and threw a plate of sweet potatoes, Grandma fell asleep with her hands in the stuffing, and the twin cousins disappeared in the forest behind the house. The Cowboys are down in the fourth and you’re sneaking leftovers from the fridge – blackberry pie, candied nuts, sweet rolls. A mountain of food better than the actual meal. You’ll fall asleep listening to Post Game commentary before the plate’s halfway clean, but at least it’ll be there in the morning. DRINK NOW: Decant for 30 minutes CELLAR: 6-8 Years


2015 419 DAYS

  • Varietal: Grenache

  • Appellation: California

  • Aging: Aged in one New French Foudre for 419 days on original stems and skins, then for one year in New French Oak barriques

  • 192 cases made

TASTING NOTES: There aren’t many who have the stones to ignore the “no diving” signs and attempt a half gainer from the side of the country club pool, and in the kids’ section no less. It’s the same guy who launched cherry bombs from the tennis courts and crashed a golf cart into the restaurant’s white-columned patio. Linen-clad, covered in garlic butter, tomato-chili jam and crème brûlée, he’d received his lifetime ban. Now he’s back, emerging from the water as kids scream and security hustles over. He might get hit with trespassing charges but hey, it was a hell of a dive. DRINK NOW: Over the course of 2 days CELLAR: Til I say WHEN!


Unfortunately, I only have enough wine to accommodate sales to my current Wine Club Members and the savvy folks who swing by my tasting room. Our wine club is currently closed to new members. In the meantime, consider joining my Mailing List, or come visit me at the tasting room conveniently located next to Dan's Tire in Downtown Paso Robles at 1227 Paso Robles Street, Paso Robles, CA 93446. The tasting room is open Thursday – Monday from 11AM – 5PM. You can also call me at 805.237.2400 to check further availability.

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My winery and tasting room is located at: 1227 Paso Robles St, Paso Robles, CA 93446 Open from 11-5 Thursday-Monday, or by appointment.

Phone: (805) 237-2400 Email: thirsty@hermanstorywines.com Mailing: P.O. Box 5058, Paso Robles, CA 93447

If you're passing through at another time, give me a call at the tasting room and I'll do my best to free up some time to taste with you.

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